Meet the Team

Molly McGowanMolly McGowan — President and Founder

Ms. McGowan is a Continuous Innovation Entrepreneur who has built Paper Alternative Solutions as a successful company that specializes in Business Process Improvement and Business Process Outsourcing for the private sector, non-profits, and government agencies. As an expert in her field, Ms. McGowan co-authored the textbook Continuous Improvement in Higher Education published by the American Council on Education.

Ms. McGowan previously founded Monarch Consulting to serve local organizations and non-profits in their organizational development initiatives. It was through Monarch, where she employed a variety of organizational improvement strategies to help assist these organizations, that she realized the need to provide these strategies to a wider range of clients and founded Paper Alternative.

While at Binghamton University, Ms. McGowan Co-founded the Center for Quality and was the lead consultant for the Center. During her tenure, her Continuous Improvement initiatives ranged from strategic planning to meeting facilitation. In addition to facilitating the progress of cross-functional teams, she also trained colleagues in the tools of Continuous Improvement, conducted workshops on team development, customer service, and other Continuous Improvement topics.

With this background, and as the University’s representative to the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation in Higher Education, Ms. McGowan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Paper Alternative Solutions.

Michael CoppolaMichael Coppola — CEO

As a technical executive, educator, and entrepreneur with comprehensive experience in engineering, business, operations management, business development, information technology, strategic planning, and telecommunications, Mr. Coppola brings a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge to the Paper Alternative Team.

As the CEO, his technology-based new business development, project management, process analysis and improvement, leadership, and financial management all focus on providing Paper Alternative customers with “best-in-class” service and solutions.

Having previously created and led several technology-based startups as well as having been the driving force behind a technology-based utility subsidiary, Mr. Coppola understands the importance of BPO and BPM to the success of small and large businesses alike.

As a recognized expert in business process improvement and operations, Mr. Coppola is a vital part of the emergence of Paper Alternative as a successful provider of efficient and cost effective solutions to local and national organizations.

Theresa BestTheresa Best — Director of Quality Assurance and Claims SME

Theresa has been in the BPO industry for over 15 years. After a decade of working at an imaging company in Binghamton, Theresa was brought on as the Director of Quality Assurance for Paper Alternative, bringing her vast knowledge of business rules and different styles of training to our company. From producing SOP’s and training material to brainstorming creative ideas that launch our contracts into excellence, Theresa has become an invaluable part of our team. What distinguishes her from others in her field is her sincere passion for the details of each contract, the motivation and devotion she puts in to each one, and the importance she places on the entire workflow, not just the end result.

In her free time she is an inventor and aspiring comedian. She is also a firm believer in the massive force of positive energy and optimism. See the good/Be the good.

Craig MayeCraig Maye — Director of Business Development

Craig Maye is the Director of Business Development at Paper Alternative Solutions, with responsibility for growing partnerships with new customers. Prior to joining Paper Alternative Solutions, he worked in project management, production management and customer relationship management at several companies, and served as Vice President of his own company, American Quality Technologies, an electronic contract manufacturing business.

Craig’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. His most recent project involved a strategic partnership with SUNY Broome to automate the transcript submission process and convert these transcripts to electronic documents. As a result, the admissions process has been streamlined which allowed the college to exceed their goals for new student enrollment.

Craig studied at SUNY Brockport where he majored in Economics and Psychology. He lives in Johnson City, NY with his wife, Debbie. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren and enjoy traveling to new exotic destinations. In his free time, Craig studies history and works in his vegetable garden.

Kristy PasqualeKristy Pasquale — Director of Operations

Kristy Pasquale has served as the Director of Operations at Paper Alternative Solutions since 2011. Ms. Pasquale leads the day to day operations at Paper Alternative.

She oversees the implementation and the quality of the deliverables, manages team relationships effectively to ensure exceptional performance; as well as participates in the development and presentation of proposals for business development. She consistently works to improve productivity, product knowledge, and customer satisfaction at Paper Alternative.

Ms. Pasquale came to Paper Alternative with over five years of experience as Production Coordinator for a national BPO company, where she gained knowledge in Business Process Outsourcing & Document Management.

Additionally, Ms. Pasquale has an extensive background in Telecommunications and Networking, Project Management and Customer Service gained through positions held at AT&T, Verizon Communications and New York State Electric & Gas. She attended Rochester Institute of Technology where she studied Telecommunications Management.

Louis JonesLouis Jones — IT Architect

When vast amounts of paper and disparate data are floating around at a customer’s site, you’ll find Louis captaining his laptop, and a team of developers, as they brainstorm and create a customized solution. Louis knows that no single approach achieves the same results for every organization. What is common from organization to organization is the need for streamlined and efficient processes that enable fast, transparent data access. Louis’s training and 20 years of experience in IT and BPO, coupled with his pure excitement at overcoming new data challenges, ensure successful client outcomes with every engagement, no matter how unique the problem.

Louis is that one-in-a-million individual who brings his passion for life to everything he does, whether it’s skiing, remodeling his house or building a unique business process strategy for a client. Working with his IT team, day in and day out, building Paper Alternative’s core business and application pools, one experience at a time, he thrives on the process as well as the result – satisfied clients.

Canaan CoppolaCanaan Coppola — Solutions Architect

Canaan brings 3 years of BPO experience to Paper Alternative Solutions, Inc. and has been certified in Accounts Payable processing by the Accredited Payables Certification Program from the Institute of Finance and Management.

As our solutions architect, Canaan works closely with clients to understand their current processes and needs and to design solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of these core and non-core business processes. Often, this includes the design and implementation of electronic workflows to replace inefficient paper-based systems: saving time, money, resources, and helping the participating business reduce their reliance on paper.

Denise FisherDenise Fisher — Production Lead

Denise brings ten years of Production work experience to the table and three years of experience as a Team Leader in a fast-paced production environment. She’s enthusiastic about getting the job done and done right the first time. Denise oversees our in-house projects, participates in all phases of product delivery, and assures that all the customer’s deliverables are met.


Jane WatkinsJane Watkins — Accountant

With over 40 years of accounting experience, including 20 years of working with government and commercial contracts, Ms. Watkins ensures that all of Paper Alternative’s financial records are in order.

Using ImageSilo® and the automated workflows we’ve set up for internal use, Ms. Watkins oversees the preparation and accuracy of our tax documents, audits our accounts and ensures that our financial operations run efficiently.

She’s a big supporter of the internal automated workflows we’ve set up for everything from accounts payable to business and financial compliance. If you want to know how well ImageSilo works… ASK JANE!