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The Paper Alternative Student Experience: Paperless solutions empower Admissions, Registrar, and Guidance Counselors; provide better student experience.

Executive Summary

By replacing a paper-driven admissions process with ImageSilo, Paper Alternative Solutions provided an automated, personalized solution, enabling SUNY-Broome to increase enrollment substantially.

ImageSilo is used campus-wide by any faculty member, guidance counselor or registrar who works with the students and needs access to transcripts.


Transcripts are the record of a student's life, from admissions through to graduation. Managing those transcripts in paper form meant reviewing multitudes of paper file submissions, creating multiple copies and delivering to the admissions office, the registrar, guidance counselors and every faculty member who worked with the students.

The process was cumbersome, time consuming and created endless paper clutter in the admissions department.

How ImageSilo Helped

When the team from Paper Alternative set up ImageSilo for SUNY-Broome admissions, they established an automated, but not impersonal outsource solution. Paper Alternative converts the paper transcripts and directly uploads them to the ImageSilo solution. This frees the admissions department to do their job, rather than manage paper.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

With a significant increase in new student enrollments at the college, the return on investment (ROI) has surpassed expectations. By streamlining processes with ImageSilo and Paper Alternative, the admissions department can handle more students. This means the college has achieved more tuition revenue with no additional employee costs.

ImageSilo is new product on campus. It's changing how people work and how other departments look at EDM and workflow automation.

Still a work in progress, the campus looks at the implementation of ImageSilo as more of an evolution than a revolution, with the Paper Alternative team supporting all the way.

"Thanks to the services that Paper Alternative Solutions is providing to SUNY Broome, the College was able to exceed our goals for new student enrollment."
Marty Guzzi
Director of Enrollment Services (Registrar)

"Our investment in ImageSilo EDM, along with Paper Alternative's imaging service, is like having a new team of 100 admissions employees for the price of one new employee. It's a fully automated outsource, but not at all impersonal, because the Paper Alternative team is always available."
Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart
Assistant Director of Admissions

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