Paper Alternative eBooks

  • Break Your Business Bottlenecks
    What to Do When Work Gets Stuck
    Manual processes, hand-routed documents and complicated processes lead to bottlenecks. If you're thinking about electronic file management, you're on the right takes more than digital files to speed workflow and prevent bottlenecks.
  • Turn Complicated Processes Into Simple Tasks
    Still Relying on Paper Files and Manual Processes?
    Increasing volumes of data make solving business problems harder than ever.
    But... it takes more than a scanner and electronic files to solve data problems. Improve efficiency, gain control, and save money by streamlining and automating process.
  • Improve Office Efficiency with A/P Automation
    Still Manually Processing Invoices? Why Not Automate?
    The #1 Concern of CFOs is the Bottom Line. Accounting Managers know that A/P processing errors increase costs and reduce efficiency. What if your Accounts Payable (AP) department could enhance efficiency, gain control, and save money with the implementation of one system?
    • Reduce invoice processing times to improve efficiency
    • Ensure records accuracy to boost control of payments
    • Save money by decreasing your cost per invoice.
  • Can a Scanning Service Help You?
    Paper to Digital Efficiently
    No more wondering whether to scan your documents, hire a scanning service to do it for you, or just stay with paper.
    Here's what you learn:
    • Cost and consequence of paper vs scanning
    • How to convert documents and control data
    • Case Study - Senor Living Facility Solves Data Retention Problem
  • Is EDM Worth the Cost?
    What's Your ROI?
    The #1 Question about EDM that CEOs, Office Managers and IT Professionals ask is, "Is it Worth the Cost?"
    • what EDM can do
    • the problems EDM won't solve
    • the 3 most important questions to ask