Forms Magic

Forms Magic

Artificial Intelligence to Classify Documents and Extract Critical Data

Paper Alternative has new Forms Magic technology (FM technology) that offers unmatched accuracy of document recognition and classification. Any data within the document can be extracted to populate index values or other databases. The FM technology is a fully integrated component of PaperVision® Capture, and documents and data can be exported to a wide vaiety of Enterprise Content M anagement (ECM) systems including PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo®.

Boost Efficiency with Document Recognition and Data Extraction

  • Setup new forms in minutes using the artificial intelligence engine to begin recognizing document types immediately without complex programming.
  • Accurate document recognition and classification eliminates the need for manual document sorting prior to scanning.
  • Integrate forms processing into document management practices for a seamless information strategy.

Improve Control with Accurate Classification

  • Utilize the only forms processing application with artificial intelligence to dramatically improve classification accuracy rates and reduce manual corrections.
  • Process color forms, damaged records, and other low-quality original documents with ease.
  • Convert vulnerable paper records into electronic files that are protected by user login, encryption, and multiple layers of system security.

MSI Mold Builders

"Paper Vision Forms Magic has revolutionized our AP processes! We've been able to cut our invoice processing time by over 75%, saving 45 minutes and $40 per invoice. We're saving the organization money and improving relationships with our business partners. We love Paper Vision Forms Magic."

Jason Sojka, Network and Computer Systems Manager, MSI Mold Builders

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Save Money by Eliminating Costly Manual Processes

  • Minimize costly keystrokes with data extraction that automatically populates index values or other line-of-business applications with critical data.
  • Improve cash flow by speeding information processes and reducing time-to-payment schedules.
  • Integrate forms easily into electronic workflow processes and distribute them quickly to improve decision- making throughout the enterprise.

The PaperVision Forms Magic Technology for Paper Vision® Capture is the only forms processing technology to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically improve classification accuracy and extraction results. The Forms Magic technology (FM technology) will classify documents into types and extract the critical data you need to speed business processes and make better decisions. The FM technology works as a fully integrated component of Paper Vision Capture, and documents and extracted data can be exported to a wide variety of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems including Paper Vision® Enterprise or ImageSilo®.

The Benefit of Artificial Intelligence

The FM technology contains the only AI engine available in the document management industry. The software uses algorithms that learn from large data sets without relying on traditional rules-based programming; a category of AI known as machine learning. What's the benefit? Rather than lengthy setup processes that involve programmers manually importing documents into a forms processing application and telling the system what each document is — or worse, sorting documents by hand and typing identifying index terms manually-- the FM technology learns by ingesting documents and develops its own patterns for classification. It is faster and easier to setup. In addition, by relying on many more data points than other applications, it offers dramatically more accurate results.

Extraordinary Recognition and Classification

Forget classification failures, rescanning, and manual error correction. For years, forms processing users have settled for the mediocre recognition and classification results produced by systems that rely only on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify documents. Step up to the next level with Forms Magic! Much like the human eye-brain connection, the FM technology uses multiple data points to make classification decisions, including spatial layout and algorithmic analytics, ensuring accuracy rates above 90%!

Suite Options

  • Implement a comprehensive, automated ECM system with these additional components.
  • Award-winning enterprise scanning -PAPERVISION® CAPTURE
  • Automated business processes -PAPERVISION® ENTERPRISE WORKFLOW
  • Professional services are available to help you design and implement your entire ECM system.

Data Extraction Speeds Everything

Are you still hand-keying document management information? Break free with Forms Magic! Your business processes now move at the speed of information, because the FM technology automatically extracts the information you need on-the-fly during scanning. Extracted data can be used to populate index values or be sent to virtually any line-of-business application freeing you from hand entering data across the organization!

Maximize Your information Strategy

Now you can easily bring virtually any type of information, form, or document into a cohesive system for secure management. Once ingested by the FM technology, the information is available for use by ECM, workflow, and other line-of-business applications. Now you can easily integrate almost any data into many business processes including healthcare claims, accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR).

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