Industries: Education

Industries: Education

Focus on Education, not on Managing Data

More Efficiency, Better Control, and Lower Costs with ECM

In the U.S., schools and universities have volumes of information they must maintain and protect. Educators say this is overwhelming, time consuming and costly.

What if your school could enhance efficiency, gain more control and save money with the implementation of one system? With Enterprise Content Management (ECM) schools and universities are able to condense records into a simple, searchable source of information. Paper Alternative can show you how to:

  • Improve efficiency by managing information electronically.
  • Control security and protect student privacy.
  • Save money by reducing document management costs.
Learn How to Maximize Your Efficiency

"Most educational institutions do not realize that all collected data is becoming larger and more difficult to manage. It will slowly become a burden to educational institutions, creating issues in terms of storage, retrieval, redundancy and difficult y in conducting activities which require the retrieval of a large amount of data."

M. Amli A. Baharum, European Journal of Science

Improve Your Efficiency with Electronic Records

Managing and retrieving paper documents across multiple departments and locations can be difficult and inefficient. At a university, information systems can become even more complex Paper Alternative uses ImageSilo® to enable schools to efficiently manage electronic files, centralize disparate record systems, streamline information management and improve data accuracy and utility.

  • Make information accessible from anywhere, anytime to increase overall efficiency.
  • Use intelligent search capabilities to find student records in seconds.
  • Access any stored document without leaving Microsoft Office or your other primary line-of-business application.

Gain Control of Security and Protect Privacy

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), federal laws and state statutes all require schools to collect, report and maintain student data. Under these laws, schools must develop, employ and ensure control of student records. ECM NOW! simplifies information protection and records disclosure with multiple levels of security, system integrity and reliability.

  • Customize access on an individual basis and manage the ability for users to read, change or share documents.
  • Enable disclosure tracking to control who receives information, when and why.
  • Increase data accessibility and security using data encryption during transmission and while information is stored.

Adams County School District

"We have improved employee productivity and saved space without burdening our IT staff. We've become a model district in the region, and other districts frequently visit to see the ImageSilo system. If they really knew how much they'd save, they would do it; the system more than pays for itself."

— Director of Finance, Adams County School District 50

Save Money by Reducing Your Costs

Schools and universities that use paper system waste valuable time and money. But with ECM products like ImageSilo® school districts simplify information management and records collection, which enables cost cutting.

  • Automatically index and store computer-generated reports to reduce distribution costs.
  • Reduce overall money spent on IT services by allowing us to supply IT support.
  • Cut costs by avoiding capital investments in hardware and software.

Key Features of ECMNOW!

  • Online access enables your school to increase information efficiency.
  • Multiple levels of control securely protect your students' information.
  • Cloud ECM saves you money by requiring no capital investment and little ongoing IT support.
Learn How to Maximize Your Efficiency