Industries: Health Care

Industries: Health Care

Health Care Records Management Beyond EHR

File Retention Requirements Require Secure Records Storage

Even if you have converted to EHR, there can be problems related to file retention that are not adequately addressed with an EHR system. That's where Paper Alternative and ImageSilo come to the rescue. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) create a need for secure record management for both active and inactive patients. Incorporating a Cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system into your EHR strategy significantly benefits your facility, improving efficiency, increasing control, and saving money. Paper Alternative helps healthcare providers:

  • Enhance efficiency by utilizing ECM systems to manage all medical, business and personnel records.
  • Securely control records, while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Save money by reducing space, personnel, and time currently devoted to paper records management.
  • Reduce data-entry requirements when converting records to a new EMR system
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"ImageSilo has the ability to handle over 250 different file types in native format — this makes it a fantastic platform for all kinds of documents."

Molly McGowan, President of Paper Alternative

Manage all Records with ImageSilo® to Enhance Efficiency

Your EHR may not be enough. Just because a healthcare provider has an EHR system, doesn't mean they don't need ECM . Integrating ImageSilo® helps you transition from partial electronic document and information management to a fully efficient automated system. As well as managing medical records, you can maintain accounting, insurance, purchasing, and any other archive electronically.

  • Capture index information quickly and accurately or import it from outside databases.
  • Automate processes, approvals, and prescriptions by electronically routing documents.
  • Allow users to access any stored document without leaving Microsoft® Office or their primary line-of-business application.

Control Records in Compliance with Regulations

Security control is a critical regulatory requirement. HIPAA mandates privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI). Paper Alternative offers seamless conversion of paper documents into electronic files to control information access and increase confidentiality. Security features, disaster recovery and enhanced auditing ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Control user access to projects, documents and/or specific patient information.
  • Package and encrypt information for delivery and back-up to any media.
  • Maintain detailed records of all tasks performed with document access and security reports.

National Jewish Health

"The implementation of lmageSilo® has streamlined our record keeping processes while allowing us to maintain full compliance with HIPAA regulations. We have access to everything we need, when we need it and we are saving money."

— John Frantz, Reimbursement, Contracting and Patient Business Office Manager

Save Money by Removing Paper Records Management

Not only do you receive efficiency and control, but implementing ImageSilo saves you money. Cut down on personnel costs, create new space opportunities and save more than just money by incorporating ECM now.

  • Increase eligibility for HITECH Act incentive payments by enabling meaningful use with ECM.
  • Reduce personnel costs by collecting patient information from websites, intranets and customer kiosks using Forms Magic.
  • Switch from a capital expense to an operating expense with ImageSilo and save valuable funds and resources.

Key Features of ImageSilo®

  • Electronic information improves accuracy and efficiency by allowing users to capture, store, index and retrieve records.
  • Multiple levels of security protect information from unauthorized access, theft and disaster.
  • Extensive audit trails log disclosures and provide documented evidence of compliance.
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