Industries: Manufacturing

Industries: Manufacturing

Manufacturers Leverage Technology to Stay Competitive

Succeed by Managing Information and Minimizing Downtime!

Keeping up with a changing industry presents challenges. Success comes by effectively managing information, minimizing downtime, reducing waste, complying with regulations and operating in a cost-effective manner. Manufacturers recognize that Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is valuable for minimizing the waste and high costs of paper documents. With Paper Alternative and ImageSilo®, manufacturers can:

  • Manage information electronically for improved efficiency.
  • Simplify control and regulatory compliance for reduced risk.
  • Unify information systems to reduce costs and save money.
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"Manufacturing documentation is still an issue at most companies. The requirement to capture, index, store, manage, retrieve and distribute large format engineering drawings and related support documents is lagging behind traditional business applications."

Bob Zagami, AIIM "Managing Manufacturing Documents"

Create Efficiency with Electronic Documents

Manufacturers look for ways to optimize document processes to cope with growing records archives and to expand business. Paper Alternative and ImageSilo® empower you to manage your records in an easy-to-use system. Quickly convert paper records to electronic documents and easily manage the information process flow to enhance your efficiency.

  • Convert purchase orders, invoices, approval documents and proof of deliveries to electronic files with the ability to customize and automate the capture process.
  • Streamline processes by automatically routing any document through user-defined manufacturing procedures.
  • Use powerful search capabilities to pinpoint documents in seconds.

Control Information to Improve Compliance

Documentation still creates significant security and compliance risks for manufacturers. Federal laws, environmental regulations, ISO standards and Current Good Manufacturing Practices require companies to establish a secure information system. Paper Alternative and ImageSilo® allow companies to control records and document evidence of security measures.

  • Protect documents from deletion during their active lifecycle, and purge expired records using records retention and destruction capabilities.
  • Customize access on an individual basis and manage employees' abilities to read, edit or share documents with multiple levels of access control.
  • Generate activity reports and create a log of who received information, when and why.


"Bigelow Tea was able to yield such significant returns because many of the company's manual paper-based processes were eliminated by deploying ImageSilo. In addition, the cloud ECM model allowed Bigelow Tea to achieve an even greater ROI by not requiring the company to incur additional IT expenses."

— Independent Analysts, Nucleus Research in an ROI Report on the Bigelow Tea ImageSilo Project

Save Money by Reducing Costs

Careful coordination is a prerequisite for accurate inventory control, uninterrupted production and on-time deliveries, which can become costly. ECM NOW! centralizes document management allowing you to save money.

  • Cut software costs by integrating your ECM system with virtually any line-of-business application.
  • Outsource services with cloud ECM, so you don't waste money on hardware, software or IT resources.
  • Automatically index, store and share electronic reports to reduce distribution costs.

Key Features of ImageSilo®

  • A single source for electronic information enables efficiency.
  • Control and security features enhance compliance.
  • Cloud ECM saves money on hardware, software and IT.
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