Industries: Retail

Industries: Retail

Secure Information Technology for Retail

Which IT system provides the best ROI and meets Government Regulations?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a strict set of criteria to improve customer credit card protection. Paper Alternative offers effective, secure and beneficial Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to help with compliance and other challenges unique to the retail industry. Paper Alternative and ImageSilo® enable you to:

  • Increase efficiency by reducing time wasted searching for information.
  • Comply with PCI DSS and increase security control and other critical protection measures.
  • Benefit from an ECM investment by reducing costs and saving money.
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"No one wants to use a credit card at an organization where the customer thinks they cannot protect their data, and it all mushrooms from that initial security breach."

John Ramsey, Senior Product Manager, Mega Path

Enhance Efficiency for You and Your Customers

Managing supply chains efficiently, quickly introducing products and maintaining inventory accuracy are essential to meeting customer service expectations. ECMNOW! eliminates paper-based record keeping processes that stifle productivity and profitability. Features like enterprise search and electronic distribution build efficient business practices.

  • Scan, index and organize documents to simplify management.
  • Instantly retrieve any document, including email, to answer questions quickly.
  • Distribute information electronically via email or secure internet connection rather than copying, faxing or mailing.

Maintain the Highest Level of Security for Regulatory Compliance

Security is the number one concern in retail, and you need an information system that can withstand security threats. PCI DSS is designed to help retailers protect customers' credit card information. Paper Alternative and ImageSilo® enable you to meet regulatory requirements and improve control.

  • Control information access by user, project or document, and limit users' abilities to view, change and share information.
  • Ensure data is always protected using encryption during transmission and storage.
  • Store information off-site in a state-of-the-art data storage facility, and restrict user access with multiple layers of security.

CAPCO Tile & Stone

"We can respond to customers more quickly - in most instances, while they are still on the phone. From an operational efficiency and customer service perspective, our return on investment has been instantaneous! Plus, we expect to save more than $45,000 in the first year. We couldn't be happier."

— Kyle Smith, Special Projects Manager, CAPCO Tile & Stone

Reduce Costs, Increase Sales and Save Money

IT investments can become a competitive edge. Not only can you save money through operations, but opportunity for sales increases due to enhanced customer service and process efficiency. Implementing ECMNOW! enables you to reduce management, storage and personnel costs.

  • Remove filing systems and increase available showroom space to improve the sales experience.
  • Decrease employee training expenses by avoiding multiple software applications.
  • Convert to electronic records and save on paper supplies, postage and distribution costs.

Key Features of ECMNOW!

  • Cloud ECM with ImageSilo provides secure online information access for multiple store locations.
  • Security controls safeguard customer information and protect credit card information.
  • Outsourcing ECM services enables retailers to trade high capital costs for low monthly operating expenses.
Download Whitepaper How to Secure Electronic Files