Criminal Justice Information Management

Save Money by Reducing Your Costs

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program, there are more than 14 million arrests made across the U.S. each year. With countless criminal records and multiple agencies accessing information, controlling data errors and information loss can be a costly challenge. ECMNOW!simplifies document management to enhance information accuracy and to save you money.

  • Unlimited electronic distribution reduces costs, such as printing, faxing, and postage.
  • Use cloud ECM to avoid capital investments in hardware and software, saving money and IT resources.
  • Reduce paper storage costs and free up valuable office space by managing information electronically.

Key Features of ECMNOW!

  • A single record source improves the efficiency of information searches.
  • Security levels and audit tracking increases control.
  • Cloud ECM requires no initial investment in software, hardware or IT personnel, saving money.