Case Studies

  • Digital Imaging of County Probation
    Counties are required by law to maintain Probation Department records that are monitored by the state for compliance. Digital imaging of the County’s probation records and a custom export of the digital files (to facilitate input into the county-wide Information Management System) reduced time in transmitting documents, increased accuracy and security and cut costs for this county.
  • Digital Imaging, Microfilm & EDM for Town’s Real-property Records
    Paperless solutions empower this small town to eliminate paper property records, to enable citizens to perform online property searches and to provide better customer service, while putting tax-payer money to better use.
  • Multi-location Senior Living Facility Solves Data Retention Problem
    With multiple locations, multiple levels of care and more than 1,100 residents and 1,000 staff member this nonprofit Senior Living Facility (SFL) generates and maintains a lot of data. From patient records, medication reports, accounts payable/receivable and human resources records to managing donations, tax records, maintenance/repairs and coordinating volunteers, the “paper-work” never ends…
  • College Improves Enrollment with ImageSilo®
    Paperless solutions empower Admissions, Registrar, and Guidance Counselors; provide better student experience. By replacing a paper-driven admissions process with ImageSilo, Paper Alternative Solutions provided an automated, personalized solution, enabling SUNY-Broome to increase enrollment substantially…