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  • How to Make Records Retention Easy

    Digital Transformation Improves Profit Margin
    Thanks to advances in digital technology, a records retention policy is easy to setup and maintain. Download this free eBook that details the easy steps you can take today to ensure compliance, improve security, and save money.

  • Automatic Data Extraction

    Can your organization move faster with Automatic Data Extraction? If you’re a new-comer to this technology, then this eBook is for you.

  • Robotic Process Automation Made Simple

    How Robotic Process Automation Helps Businesses
    Want to learn more about Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? Perhaps you’ve been wondering how RPA is similar to Business Process Automation (BPA) or even Intelligent Automation (IA).

  • Break Your Business Bottlenecks

    What to Do When Work Gets Stuck
    Manual processes, hand-routed documents and complicated processes lead to bottlenecks. If you’re thinking about electronic file management, you’re on the right track…BUT…it takes more than digital files to speed workflow and prevent bottlenecks.

  • Turn Complicated Processes Into Simple Tasks

    Still Relying on Paper Files and Manual Processes?
    Increasing volumes of data make solving business problems harder than ever.
    But… it takes more than a scanner and electronic files to solve data problems. Improve efficiency, gain control, and save money by streamlining and automating process.

  • Improve Office Efficiency with A/P Automation

    Still Manually Processing Invoices? Why Not Automate?
    The #1 Concern of CFOs is the Bottom Line. Accounting Managers know that A/P processing errors increase costs and reduce efficiency. What if your Accounts Payable (AP) department could enhance efficiency, gain control, and save money with the implementation of one system?

    • Reduce invoice processing times to improve efficiency
    • Ensure records accuracy to boost control of payments
    • Save money by decreasing your cost per invoice.
  • Can a Scanning Service Help You?

    Paper to Digital Efficiently
    No more wondering whether to scan your documents, hire a scanning service to do it for you, or just stay with paper.
    Here’s what you learn:

    • Cost and consequence of paper vs scanning
    • How to convert documents and control data
    • Case Study – Senor Living Facility Solves Data Retention Problem
  • Is EDM Worth the Cost?

    What’s Your ROI?
    The #1 Question about EDM that CEOs, Office Managers and IT Professionals ask is, “Is it Worth the Cost?”

    • what EDM can do
    • the problems EDM won’t solve
    • the 3 most important questions to ask