Book Scanning

We Scan Bound Books

Paper Alternative offers two kinds of book scanning: Destructive and Non-Destructive.

Destructive Book Scanning is used when the information in the book needs to be preserved, but the physical book has no historical or antiquarian importance. With this type of scanning, the book binding is broken and the pages are bulk scanned in the same way that any flat document would be scanned.

Non-destructive Book Scanning requires specialized equipment that can image each individual page without destroying the book binding. This technique preserves the information in digital format for easy access and searchability, while also preserving the physical book. Non-destructive book scanning is used when it is desirable to preserve the original text for historical purposes or when the original text is valuable.

Non-destructive Applications:

  • Large historical documents
  • Old text books
  • Government books
  • Large Manuals
  • Books in fragile condition

Destructive Applications:

  • Medical Books
  • Transcripts
  • Yearbooks
  • Archiving of Periodicals


Book ScanningBook scanning services enable organizations to digitize nearly any type of bound information and make it instantly searchable. With digitized data, it’s no longer necessary to search through volumes of printed material to find the information you need, whether you’re looking for specific words or specific pictures. Computer programs decipher whether the scanned images are photos/pictures, words, or a combination of both.

Digitized books can be electronically archived, made searchable and optimized for the internet or stored in your ECM solution. Output formats include TIFF, JPG and searchable PDF.

Our Facility or Yours

Paper Alternative can scan books in our facility or we can scan your books at your site. Often organizations with sensitive information or fragile books prefer on-site scanning.


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