Client Outreach Services

Update and Relate

Whether you need to update client files or reach out to build deeper relationships, Paper Alternative can ensure that your clients hear from you and respond with the information you need. Our client outreach services proactively contact your clients to keep them informed, help them understand and use your products and services, and show that your organization cares.

Client Outreach

We hire and train professionals who are trained to effectively engage your clients. And we have the technology to ensure fast, efficient, and client-friendly contacts, by phone, email or mail. You’ll benefit with better client information, enhanced client loyalty, reduced costs, and higher revenue.

We tailor our client outreach services to your specific requirements to help you meet your goals. From updating school enrollment forms to activating accounts, processing claims or client follow-up, Paper Alternative takes treats your clients like our own.

Enhance Efficiency, Gain Control and Save Money

It isn’t a question of whether you need Information Technology (IT) to manage your client outreach, it’s a matter of which IT system offers you the best return on investment and helps you comply with government regulations. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a strict set of criteria to improve customer credit card protection. Paper Alternative with ImageSilo® offers effective, secure and beneficial Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to help with compliance and other challenges unique to the retail industry. We enable you to:

  • Increase efficiency by reducing time wasted searching for information.
  • Comply with PCI DSS and increase security control and other critical protection measures.
  • Benefit from an ECM investment by reducing costs and saving money.

Enhance Efficiency for You and Your Clients

Eliminate your paper-based record keeping processes that stifle productivity and profitability. We’ll help you:

  • Scan, index and organize documents to simplify management.
  • Instantly retrieve any document, including email, to answer questions quickly.
  • Distribute information electronically via email or secure internet connection rather than copying, faxing or mailing.

Maintain the Highest Level of Security for Regulatory Compliance

If you’re in an industry that requires high security and compliance, our solutions can keep your client information safe and adhering to all required regulations. Paper Alternative, with ImageSilo®, enables you to meet regulatory requirements and improve control.

  • Control information access by user, project or document, and limit users’ abilities to view, change and share information.
  • Ensure data is always protected using encryption during transmission and storage.
  • Store information off-site in a state-of-the-art data storage facility, and restrict user access with multiple layers of security.

Reduce Costs, Increase Sales and Save Money

Paper Alternative solutions can be your competitive edge. You’ll save money with more efficient operations, and have the opportunity to increase sales through enhanced client service and process efficiency. We can help you reduce management, storage and personnel costs.

  • Remove filing systems and increase available showroom space to improve the sales experience.
  • Decrease employee training expenses by avoiding multiple software applications.
  • Convert to electronic records and save on paper supplies, postage and distribution costs.


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