Digital to Microfilm Conversion

Digital Images to Microfilm

In an era of digitization, many government agencies continue to require microfilm records.  Often, microfilm records are stored in vaults that assure complete protection from disaster thus providing the protection that important records require. Examples of document types stored in these conditions are County and State Vital Records such as Birth, Death, marriage and Land Records such as Deeds and Mortgages.

For day to day management of information, we recommend digital formats and offer paper-to-digital scanning services.

However, when your digital images also need to be stored on microfilm to meet specific storage requirements, we’re here to help.  We provide complete conversion services, offering not only document scanning, but also conversion of digital images to microfilm.

Microfilm meets the standard of long term storage and is easily read visually.  In addition, microfilm can be converted back to digital at any time, and we offer that service as well.

When you need the low-cost, reliable, long-term, standardized image storage that microfilm offers, Paper Alternative Solutions is the place to come.

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