Microfilm to Digital Conversion

Microfilm to Digital Conversion

Paper Alternative provides full service conversion, including microfilm to digital.  We help organizations of all types and sizes to convert microfilm to digital images for ease of access and distribution.

 While microfilm is an extraordinarily reliable storage medium, digital wins hands down in ease of access.  Many organizations maintain both digital and microfilm records.  Converting the data you have on microfilm to digital enables you to include that data in your ECM system.

When you’re ready to convert your legacy data from microfilm to a more usable format, such as TIF or PDF images, we’re here to help.  We also provide indexing services to make your data easy to find.

Paper Alternative can convert 35MM or 16MM microfilm.  If you are unsure of what type of microfilm or you have, please contact us and we’ll help you sort it out.


By providing immediate access to information that was previously stored on Microfilm, organizations can better address the needs of their clients and customers.  When information can be searched, located and accessed in seconds, without the need for any specialized equipment, you save time and money and improve customer service.  Similarly, digital access aides with audit and compliance requirements, such as FOIA requests.