Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

What’s Your Plan?

Whether your disaster is a burst pipe or a major hurricane, having a plan and technology in place before the disaster strikes can reduce the negative impact on your business. While there are many components to good disaster recovery and business continuity plans, two important aspects all plans have in common are: (1) the protection your company data; and, (2) your ability to access the data during and after the disaster.

Use Paper Alternative Services to Aid Your Business Continuity

  • Eliminate Paper – If your company is still reliant, in whole or in part, on paper files, your business continuity plan should include a methodology for eliminating the paper. Our document scanning service has been proven to be fast, accurate, safe and secure for even the most confidential documents.
  • Fast, instant access to your data – Using secure, centralized cloud technology ensures access to your data, with the added benefit of reducing capital costs and IT requirements. With 24/7 online data access and no additional investment in hardware, software or IT personnel, our cloud solution, featuring ImageSilo®
  • Uncompromised Security – Security is always one of the biggest concerns that companies have when we talk about the Cloud. Using the Paper Alternative / ImageSilo® solution ensures that your stored content remains invisible – even to our employees. Five layers of security — transmission security, system security, data security, application security and physical security — guard your information at every stage. Data can be encrypted both during transmission and when stored. With documented evidence of internal controls, extensive audit trails, security logs, user activity and document history reports, our solution also enables companies to comply with government and industry regulations.

Advantages that Go Beyond Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The Paper Alternative solution does more than provide data security in times of disaster. Improved workflow, easy collaboration, versioning controls, data portability, seamless integration and more bring your business immediate improvements. Don’t wait for a disaster to start improving the way you do business.


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