Forms Magic

Extraordinary Recognition and Classification

Forget classification failures, rescanning, and manual error correction. For years, forms processing users have settled for the mediocre recognition and classification results produced by systems that rely only on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify documents. Step up to the next level with Forms Magic! Much like the human eye-brain connection, the FM technology uses multiple data points to make classification decisions, including spatial layout and algorithmic analytics, ensuring accuracy rates above 90%!

Data Extraction Speeds Everything

Are you still hand-keying document management information? Break free with Forms Magic! Your business processes now move at the speed of information, because the FM technology automatically extracts the information you need on-the-fly during scanning. Extracted data can be used to populate index values or be sent to virtually any line-of-business application freeing you from hand entering data across the organization!


Maximize Your information Strategy

Now you can easily bring virtually any type of information, form, or document into a cohesive system for secure management. Once ingested by the FM technology, the information is available for use by ECM, workflow, and other line-of-business applications. Now you can easily integrate almost any data into many business processes including healthcare claims, accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR).