Paperless Office

Paper Alternative can help you manage both paper and digital documents. With our scanning and indexing expertise and our flagship product ImageSilo®, we can set you up for efficiency with version control and workflow automation. Rely on the experienced team at Paper Alternative to provide the best in:Paperless Office

  • Document scanning and OCR
  • Document destruction
  • Safe storage for both digital and paper documents
  • Indexing for easy referencing
  • Text-based search capabilities for digital documents
  • Fast document retrieval from any internet connection
  • Information protection
  • Version control
  • Log-in based access rights
  • Management oversight
  • Customized workflows

Implementing the Paperless Office

We’re with you every step of the way as you begin heading toward the “no paper” goal and begin using the ImageSilo system. We’ll guide you through the implementation project in easy- to-manage steps. For instance, you may decide to start with your active documents first. Many times most of these documents are already in digital format (word, excel, etc.) and are easily incorporated into the system.

Or, you may decide to implement your paperless office department by department, while some firms find it best to begin with scanning old documents that are taking up storage space.

No matter how you decide to proceed with Paper Alternative’s expert scanning, indexing and paperless office efficiencies, you will be able to minimize risk and safeguard your crucial business records.

What about Security in the Paperless Office?

Security is one of the main concerns that many companies have when they consider using an Internet accessible content management software like ImageSilo for their document management needs. Some types of information, for instance medical information, financial records, or trade secrets are considered to be highly sensitive, and companies become very concerned about this either getting out into the public domain, or falling into the wrong hands, and being misused.

This is where an experienced and proven document management service like Paper Alternative provides piece of mind. Client confidentiality and protection of sensitive data is one of the prime services that we offer. This is equally important for cloud storage and access of digital documents as it is for the controlled destruction of sensitive paper documentation. It makes no sense to have layers of electronic protection for your scanned digital documents, if the service provider is going to throw the paper documents into the trash. Sensitive documents, once scanned, must be disposed of in such a way that they cannot be retrieved.

We understand all of these concerns and are ready to advise you as you go forward to your new paperless office.

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